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What do we do?


Our primary mission is to provide training, guidelines and information for computer assisted translation tools in general and for Trados in particular. We aim to create an all embracing service for our customers, with focused emphasis on after-course assistance to ensure that the trainees can smoothly put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. Our trainer and dedicated professionals have many years of experience and proven record in teaching, training and use of Trados assisted translation process.


Trados Training also works in close cooperation with its other educational branches, LPF Learning and LPF Publications, to provide tutoring, practice papers for 11+ Exam preparation, as well as seminars and courses in MS Word, MS Excel, web site development and others.

Individual computers assigned to each trainee

For further information about the Trados Training courses, course programs and booking and payment information, please click the more info link.

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Our Mission

While we can not promise that our training and guidance will guarantee an influx of new customers for you or your business, we will help you master the translation tools and skills that would certainly open new avenues for you to do so.


Can we help? also aims to provide a platform , where translators, agencies and clients can get in touch with each other and share their experiences and knowledge in a mutually rewarding atmosphere.


Our Vision

We are passionate about what we have set out to do. In the age of mind spinning technological advances, rapidly developing IT based software and applications are changing the very nature of translation processes.

While this new phenomenon is here to stay, we also believe that nothing can replace the invaluable contribution of the able translator that will hold stake to the soul of the bi-lingual communications for as long as different languages continue to be an integral part of human existence.