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Trados Training by Experts
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Booking a place in one of our courses also entitles you to a period of free subscription to
CAT’s Whiskers
(our support programme)

Beginner and intermediate
Trados courses now available

You can book your one day
Trados training course now.


Training courses will be held fortnightly for beginners and monthly for intermediate level, provided that minimum of 6 paid bookings per course are received.

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How can I subscribe to CAT’s Whiskers?

There are two ways to subscribe to our support scheme.

1- You book a place in one of our Trados courses:

Booking a course place automatically registers you to a free period of subscription depending on the course type.

- Beginners Course: 3 months

- Intermediate Course: 3 months

- Both Beginner & Intermediate Courses: one year

At the end of your free period, you will have the option to continue your subscription to our support scheme by choosing one of the paid options.

2- If you do not require a Trados course, you can still benefit from our support scheme. All you need to do is to subscribe to CAT’s Whiskers.

- Minimum period of subscription is one month,
at £15 + vat.

- You get large discounts if you pay for longer periods of subscription. 3 Months: £40 + vat, 6 Months: £70+ vat and one year: £99 + vat

- At the end of your subscription period, your subscription will continue into the next period unless you decide to cancel your subscription. You must cancel your subscription at least a week before the end of the subscription period.

-  To subscribe: Click the ‘Support’ button on the left or from the navigation bar on top, on the next screen click ‘Register Now’ in the left panel. Follow the on screen instructions.


What Do I Get for Subscribing to CAT’s Whiskers?

There are many benefits.

1- You get content and skill refreshment support:

We will help you master the use of Trados in your everyday translation process.

- If you can not remember how to use certain functions, tools, components,

- If you are stuck with any translation workflow related operation

- If you have TerminologyMemory & TermBase related questions.

2- You get installation and technical support:

- If you are having installation related problems

- If you are encountering bugs or technical problems and stuck in the middle of a project,

- If you are encountering compatibility problems and are not sure how to work  with certain file types

- And any other issues...


You can just email your question to us or if the matter needs genuinely urgent attention you can even phone us.

Depending on the nature of question, we will endeavour to come back to you within just a few hours.  


Please note that subscription is distinct from training. Subscription does not entitle you to get help on how to learn to use the software in your translation process. Subscription is related to ad-hock questions and issues encountered during your Trados aided translation workflow. You must have a working knowledge of at least the basic functions of Trados to benefit from this support scheme.