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the word of mouth, but by keystrokes. All our realities are becoming virtual.


There is no getting away from this relentless onslaught. Besides, should we try to do so, we do it at our own peril. The more we struggle to fight the inevitable, the less prepared we become to cope with the changes. When eventually we realise it is really futile to ignore it, we may have already missed the train.


On the other side of the coin though, the future could be quite bright. If only, we learn to milk this unstoppable process for our own benefit.

More and more technology is imposing itself on all aspects of our personal, social, educational and business life.


In the epoch of IT based communications, electronic highways are ever increasingly creeping into the very fabric of our existence. Not a day goes by without us being sucked into the whirlpool of this ever advancing phenomenon. Computers of endless descriptions, mind boggling tunnels of the Internet, constantly upgraded mobile phones and daily materialising electronic gadgets are becoming bread and butter necessities, appendages  of daily life. PCs bought with hard earned savings are becoming too slow, obsolete even before we can master their use. Some of us  are changing their mobile phones  faster than their socks. How many of us have bought electronic gadgets that haven’t even seen the light of day yet? We are becoming enslaved by the remote controls. Even our passions, family life is turning mechanical. We no longer express our feelings for our loved ones through

There is no getting away from it.