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About Our Courses


Our Trados training courses are prepared and given by Eric, our editor, who has been using Trados and other translation tools constantly for the last 11 years and have been involved in training for the last 8 years. Eric is also a certified teacher (PGCE) with 26 years of secondary and higher education experience.


We currently hold one day courses in both beginner and intermediate levels. Advance level courses are organised on demand and are customised to the needs of the participating group. During the courses each participant is allocated a separate computer to work with.  These courses are fairly intensive in both content and application. However, as the courses are designed to be application orientated, the trainees will be able to put what they learn into practice at every stage of the course. Refreshments and lunch are provided free of charge.


We attach great importance to after-course support for our trainees. We are aware that for most of you, especially for beginners, concepts like ‘Computer Assisted Translations’, ‘Translation Memory’ and the processes and logic behind them are quite new and despite all efforts to make the courses as practical as possible, you may still need help with some aspects of the newly acquired knowledge once you get home. You will automatically be subscribed to our support scheme and we will help you fill in those gaps. All you need to do is e-mail us your queries and we will return with answers within 12 hours.


Beginner Courses

With the one day beginner course, we aim to get you up and running, so that you can immediately start using the basic tools and functions of Trados in your translation process. See Trados for Beginners  for  course programme, venue and dates. All course content will also be provided on the day in hard copy for reference.

General recommendations

To get the best out of the beginners’ course, you need to be comfortable with using computers, have working knowledge of applications like MS Word and/or Excel, PowerPoint etc.


Intermediate Courses

Intermediate Courses are follow on from beginners’ courses and will give you more insight into setup, maintenance and more involved aspects of Trados aided translations. See Trados Intermediate for Programme, dates and venue. With intermediate level course, we will also give you pointers on directory structure for Trados workflow, project management tips and briefly cover other Trados facilities like Synergy.

General recommendations

If you have not already completed our beginners’ training course, you must have a working knowledge of the basic functions and tools of Translators WorkBench and Translation Memory usage, in order to be able to benefit from this course.


For both beginner and intermediate levels courses, we strongly recommend that once you get home, you should not leave it too long before you actually start putting into practice what you have learned.  

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